A Tutortoo franchise offers more than just tuition – it provides you with the tools to create multiple streams of income and build a consistent income across all 12 months of the year.


Many people acknowledge that our current education system is not fit for purpose and doesn’t serve all students effectively. Whether they are doing well or struggling, an increasing number of students and their families seek academic solutions from external providers, proven by the rapid growth in the tuition industry over the last few years.

From the start, Tutortoo’s objective was to provide a full, workable academic solution for students doing well; students who are struggling (particularly with special educational needs); families who don’t know where else to turn for support; and to schools who need alternative solutions.

Tutortoo is a unique proposition which offers much more than solutions through tuition. Our business model teaches franchisees structured methods of developing additional income streams within their business to provide a scalable year-round income whilst tackling some of the problems within the education system.

Another unique aspect of Tutortoo is that the owners have been there and done it and, therefore, have first-hand experience of running a tuition business. The Tutortoo business model is based on tried and tested methods that truly work and will help you create the income and lifestyle you desire.

“a unique proposition that offers much more than just tuition”
Many people want to start their own business but do not know where to start. A Tutortoo franchise provides you with a proven business model to have your doors open for business within 6-8 weeks.

BE a franchisee

As a Tutortoo franchisee you can achieve genuine job satisfaction. You can make a difference because you tackle the root cause and not just the symptoms of academic difficulties. With multiple income streams and at least 20,000 students aged 5-19, each territory is sufficiently sizeable for you to build a strong and profitable business.
You help students achieve their academic goals and build their confidence.
You deliver top quality workshops in schools to raise achievement levels.
You provide engaging and educational clubs to fire children’s imagination.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need to be a teacher to be a successful Tutortoo franchisee?
No. Our franchisees come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Our training covers an in depth look at each level in the education system and our team is always on hand to support you with any queries.
How long does it take from the initial enquiry to launching my business?
It can take as little as 2 weeks from your initial enquiry to the start of your training. If you need to apply for finance, this will add 3-4 weeks to the application process. Your training will take 2 – 6 weeks, depending on the training dates available, and the doors of your business will be open the day after you complete the training.
Can I get 100% financing?
It is possible. We have a business finance specialist who will talk to you about the best way for you to access finance given your specific circumstances.
Can I own multiple franchises?
Yes. There is no limit to the number of territories you can own. However, we do ensure that each single territory is large enough to provide you with sufficient leads and markets for business. We also run through the progression plan with you so that the growth of each area is supported by the necessary infrastructure and marketing.
What training and ongoing support is available?
After completing pre-launch training, you will join the head office team for one weeks of intensive training before you launch your business. This is followed by several weeks of one-to-one mentoring and ongoing support throughout the whole franchise term.