If you’re looking to invest in a British franchise as part of a supportive network of thriving education business across the UK, you’re in 
the right place. 
Tutortoo is the only British tuition management franchise covering all subjects, across all ages, including special educational needs. The 
Tutortoo franchise model offers steady, predictable and year-round income via three revenue streams: 
1. Private tuition 
2. Pupil and teacher workshops 
3. After-school and holiday clubs. 
Each income stream can be launched individually and scaled to suit your business and lifestyle. 

EARN OVER £100k/yr  

With Tutortoo, you can say goodbye to selling your time for money. With hard work and a willingness to follow our proven formula for success, you’ll be on track to making an annual net profit of well over £100k per year within five years. 
For an investment of £24,950 + VAT, you receive an exclusive territory covering approximately 30k children aged 5-19 and 50 primary schools, with a five-year franchise agreement featuring a right to renew. 
There is no limit to the growth potential of a Tutortoo business. There is no maximum number of territories you can own and no upper limit on the amount you can earn. In the first year, we’d expect a new franchisee to earn a net profit of approximately £25k, rising to an estimated £112k annual net profit by the end of year five. 


New franchisees are helped to establish a business in their chosen territory easily and quickly. You can expect to be up and running in six to ten weeks. 
Fundamental to your earning potential with Tutortoo is using our tried and tested formula for recruiting tutors, workshop leaders, staff to run after-school and holiday clubs and, of course, customers. Building a business in this way means there is always potential to continue growing exponentially, year on year. For franchisees looking to build a sizable asset who may be considering a medium to long term re-sale value or exit strategy, investing in a Tutortoo business is an ideal way to develop a substantial business within just a few years. 


The market for private tuition across school subjects represents a staggering £2 billion per year, having increased more than 30% in the last decade. 
Investing in an education business is generally considered a sound venture, as the sector is not generally subject to the same fluctuations in the economy as other industries. Similarly, the Tutortoo business model has been set up to be a sound investment for our franchisees. 
We are completely transparent with our financial information and always upfront about our management fees. 


Because of our track record and the strength of our business model, we can facilitate an application for up to 100% of the investment from a popular government-backed scheme. We also have excellent relationships with NatWest and HSBC, both of which will often lend up to 70% of the franchise costs. 
Requests for tuition tend to slow down a little over the summer break. Which is why Tutortoo offers more than tuition. 
We provide you with the tools, resources and proven business models to create additional income streams which will provide a steady year-round income. 
As a Tutortoo franchisee you will learn how training courses, workshops, after school clubs and holiday clubs can be lucrative and scalable additions to your core tuition business. And you will be supported with ‘done for you’ training course and workshop content which can be delivered either by you or one of you tutors with the requisite experience. 
We want to help you to build a strong and profitable business. Our in-depth training teachers you how to grow your business to the size you want. As your business develops, we continue to work alongside you, using a clear progression plan to ensure the growth of each revenue stream is suported by the necessary infrastructure, processes and marketing. 
There is no upper limit on the amount you can earn from your Tutortoo franchise. Nor is there a maximum number of territories you can own. Each Tutortoo territory is sufficient in size to provide leads and opportunities for your business to grow. Some franchisees choose to purchase more than one franchise fom the outset. Whilst others prefer to wait until they are ready before expanding into additional territories. 


A Tutortoo franchise is designed to help you achieve the perfect work-life balance. You can work flexible hours from home, to suit you and your schedule. And you can scale your business to the size you want it to be to create the income and lifestyle you desire. 
A Tutortoo franchise will also give you a sense of really making a difference. You have the opportunity to develop an inclusive business providing affordable learning for all, giving back to society as you help unlock the potential of each student with whom your tutors work. 


As the owner of a Tutortoo franchise, no two days will be the same. On any given day, you could be: 
Interviewing prospective tutors. Visiting students and families to assess their tutoring needs. Talking to groups of parents who home educate their children to see how you could help. Training a group of teachers. Running a revision workshop with a group of students in a local school. Finding premises to run a holiday club. Meeting with Local Authority representatives. Running a stand at a local event. Networking with local business people. Working with your accountant to produce your management accounts and to assess the performance of your business. Completing a first aid course. And so much more… 

Hear from our existing franchisees  

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